Change Your LIFE By Changing your 


Discover How to Master Your Eating Habits, Optimize Your Health for lasting results and do it Surrounded by a Powerful Community!



A Mindset and Subconscious Training Process

Your WILL POWER is stronger than ever! You have complete discipline over your health.

The Formula to Remove Refined-Sugars From Your Diet


Strategies for Meal Planning, Recipes & a Guide to a Better Dietary Plan.

You can CUSTOMIZE your OWN DIETARY PLAN and SCHEDULE, saving you time and energy.

A Blueprint for Superior Physical Health

You learn WHAT FOODS to eat to propel your body to it's OPTIMAL STATE.

Strategies on How to Overcome Social Pitfalls

You’ll build a strong understanding of your health, that going out for dinner and other Social Outings will NO LONGER BE CHALLENGING.

Strategies on How to Overcome Emotional Eating, Cravings and, Overeating.

You will NO LONGER BE A VICTIM to Emotion Eating, Food Cravings and Over-Eating by having psychological control of your health for good.

Knowledge to Avoid the Marketing of Food

By understanding food labels, there will be, NO MORE CONFUSION when buying food in the grocery store, saving you time when shopping.

A Powerful Community to Support You

Doing this alone will send you right back to where you started. Having access to a community of HEALTH MENTORS and MEMBERS just like you will get you the lasting results you deserve.

You'll Also Get Full Access To

The Health Roots Academy:

Health Roots is a 4-Module Course, Step-By-Step Video Training program, that walks your through the steps to
Build a Lasting Foundation for Your Health! (Valued at $497)

  • 24/7 INSTANT Access upon joining, including all future updates!
  • 23+ Training Videos for self-navigation so that you can create momentum on your own terms.
  • 19+ Additional Resources including cheat sheets, templates, checklists & workbooks, to make the process and your life, easier!
  • Food Over Fitness Recipe Book loaded with 28 (and growing!) delicious, yet health conscious, recipes. 

Module # 1 - Unlocking Your Mind

Module 1.1 – 3 Key Ingredients to Transformation
Module 1.2 – Determine your Relationship with Food
Module 1.3 – The Biggest Myth about Exercise
Module 1.4 – Discover your Habit Forming Personality
Module 1.5 – Master your Relationship with Time
Module 1.6 – Your New Health Identity

Module # 2 - Cracking the Food Code

Module 2.1 – The Truth of Sugar & Processed Foods
Module 2.2 – Breakthrough Health Formula
Module 2.3 – The Nutrition Crash Course
Module 2.4 – The Deception of Food Labeling
Module 2.5 – The Ultimate Meal Planning Blueprint
Module 2.6 – Beer, Wine and Moonshine

Module # 3 - Managing Internal Challenges

Module 3.1 – Stages of Withdrawal
Module 3.2 – How to Manage Cravings
Module 3.3 – How to Manage Rebalance Your Hormones
Module 3.4 – Creating Optimal Gut Health
Module 3.5 – Emotional Eating Affects Everyone
Module 3.6 – What To Do When You Fall Off The Wagon

Module # 4 - Creating a Climate for Success

Module 4.1 – Managing Social Situations
Module 4.2 – Navigating Life at Home
Module 4.3 –Health Conscious Routines
Module 4.4 – What to Expect Moving Forward

Why You Can NO LONGER AFFORD to ignore 
your Health!

  • More than two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight or obese. That's 69% of the country!
  • Obesity costs Americans $147 billion each year. People who are obese pay more out of pocket expenses than people who are not.
  • People who are overweight or obese miss about 56 percent more work days than people of normal weight.
  • Obesity is linked to over 60 chronic conditions including, diabetes, heart disease, digestive problems and cancer.

"Yep, I’m sold. I’m tired of feeling and looking this way."

Why NOT TAKING ACTION will result in
more time wasted in your life.

  • Saying you don't have time is an excuse. This program will GIVE YOU MORE TIME in your daily life.
  • Making health a priority creates MORE TIME in your life. No more feeling unmotivated, tired and lethargic. You will become More Energetic and Efficient, thus creating more time in your day. 
  • A Customized Dietary Plan, A complete recipe book with High Nutrient Dense Recipes, a Multitude of Cheat Sheets, Templates, Workbooks and Guides are waiting to Make Your Life Easier.


“How Much Do I Need to Invest?"

The mistake that most people make is they think the ‘do-it-yourself’ is cheaper. What they don’t take into account is how slow and ineffective that can be.
…The costs associated with not taking action results in even more loss. Time, Money and Your Health all take the hit.
So next, people just say, “I just can’t afford that right now." Which is possible!
Chances are you don’t see your Health as your #1 Priority. But I don't want you to develop conditions or fall into health problems, which will cost you MUCH much more.
If you want to make LASTING CHANGES IN YOUR HEALTH, this is the best way to do it. Join a community where you can get real time support, accountability and hands-on resources to create that momentum towards your goals.
This is your chance to learn from me and my team of experts so you can skyrocket your learning curve and not only get those results faster (or smarter), but actually keep them!


You can get forever results for only $497 for an entire year's membership…

OR better yet… you can get ACCESS TODAY for only $50/month!

Your Investment is Fully Backed by Our 30-Day Money-Back GUARANTEE!

We don’t want unhappy members. If this isn't the right fit, if you’re not satisfied with the quality of content, or for any other reason whatsoever, then no problem. 
We will give you a full refund.
No Questions Asked!  
Just email our team, at 

That’s how confident we are in this community. If you follow the contents of the Health Roots Academy, you will achieve those long lasting results you're yearning for. It is IMPOSSIBLE to unlearn this stuff, and so once you 'get it' you are set for life!




A support system that has walked the same path is key to your success. In the Members Only Elevate Community. You can connect with other like minded individuals and gain ongoing support throughout the process. 


PERK # 1


Michael helps you and other members of the community tackle your biggest obstacles with Monthly Coaching Calls, centered around Hot Seats.

Not keen to be in the hot seat? No problem at all! You can be a fly on the wall and get valuable intel on how to overcome your own health obstacles.

PERK # 2


Michael goes Live AT LEAST once a month to answer all your health questions live on the spot and in person to support you through the process! 

PERK # 3


Health experts are invited to the Elevate community to share their TOP TRICKS, TIPS, and/or STRATEGIES to help you work smarter towards your health goals!


PERK # 4


The community helps to curate the content of new programs. Each member has the voice to request new programs and resources needed for their health journey. 

"I have been abusing my body with processed foods and sugars for far too long. After about two weeks of following his advice, my mood and energy levels have improved tremendously. Michael’s approach to clean and healthy eating has helped me create guidelines that I will follow for the rest of my life."

Daniel Kummerl
Engineer Analyst, General Motors

"I’m so grateful and thankful for what Michael has done for me. The knowledge he gave me on what I was putting into my body was instrumental in my health journey. I’m in the best physical shape in over over 20 years but more importantly I’m mentally more alert and my sleep patterns are more regulated. Now I’m passing his knowledge down to my kids."

Jennifer Ancona
Ophthalmic Technician/Jazzercise Instructor

"Thanks to Michael's guidance, months after we finished our program together, I'm paying WAY more attention to what I put into my body. And while I still have days when sugar wins, those days are much fewer than ever, and it's paying dividends in my energy levels and how I feel every day."

MCK Michael C. Keefrider
Creator of MasterCom and the Bounce Framework

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